Man who took part in marathon gaming session faints and dies

A MAN who once stayed awake for four days playing online games last month had collapsed and died at his home in Raub, Pahang, on Wednesday.

Nanyang Siang Pau reported that Phang Kian Lin, 25, fainted at around 10am outside his house after breakfast.

Phang, who was taking out the trash, had appeared weak before collapsing near the rubbish bin.

His cousins immediately rushed him to a nearby hospital.

However, Phang died on arrival.

The autopsy is expected to be completed in a week.

Phang's family feels that he might have developed a heart condition due to the long hours he spent playing computer games.

According to them, doctors suspect that Phang might have suffered a heart attack due to extreme exhaustion.

Last month, Phang, a renovation worker, was hospitalised when he collapsed after playing online games for four days straight.

However, he continued his habit despite his parents advising him not to.

P.S / Ermm..tak sangka akhirnya kes main game sampai mati yg slalu berlaku kt obersea dh sampai kt malaysia..memang sgt bahaya kalau tak tido langsung straight..di tambah plak tak makan tak minum...tak kira lah main game 24 jam kt jepun slalu dgr dorang keje sampai mati..fuhhhh..dasyat kan dorang....

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